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Increase your value, confidence, and earnings

Women & Money Co. was established to provide ambitious, Millennial and Gen Z women with the keys to cultivate success including confidence, discipline, persistence, and direction. 

Our story is simple. We empower millennial women to build better lives - the lives of their desires, one of meaning and purpose. We believe in the pursuit of happiness and that it's an inside job. We know that lasting success begins in your mind which is why all of our trainings and courses put mindset at the forefront.

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Increase your value, confidence, and earnings

Money matters can be stressful enough but when being a woman means the odds are stacked against you, an approach that caters to your unique needs is necessary. As a woman professional in a male dominated industry I've made it a point to study money - how it works, and how to make it work for me (and you). 


This section of my site is a continuous work in progress. It's designed to be a valuable resource to help you save time and money with compiled information, financial tools, and other resources all in one place. Achieve greater financial success with training and techniques designed for women, by women!

Financial Protection

Plan for the unexpected with flexible financial products and solutions to suit your individual, family, and small business needs. Get started today with a free consultative financial needs analysis.

Mentorship Program

Gain mastery over the foreign exchange and crypto currency markets. Empower yourself and others to be more self sufficient, allowing the pursuit of a passionate, fulfilling and purpose driven life.

Financial Coaching

With unique financial needs women are underserved in an industry dominated by men. My coach training and techniques are designed by women for women. Complete your free assessment.

Wealth Strategies

Learn strategies and the financial tools to diversify your financial portfolio. Retire comfortably by planning ahead. Create wealth for yourself and multigenerational wealth for your family.

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Paycheck- To -Paycheck

Women live paycheck to paycheck roughly 5 times as often as men.

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Black-Owned & Struggling

The gap in financing between Black-owned and white-owned businesses is stark, and Covid-19 has worsened the situation. 

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Money Challenges for Women

The pay gap, children, work-life balance, and having to fight harder for the same career advancements and raises that come easier to men...