Whoever said there were no shortcuts in life loved doing everything the hard way. I believe in working smart, though much of my time has been spent working tirelessly for long hours to learn everything I need to go the things I love. Knowing first-hand the struggles of being an aspiring entrepreneur or owning a business I'm pouring everything I've learned into helping other women on their journeys. What you need to know is there is no magic bullet and it all starts with your mind!


My tools and resources will help you get to know yourself better. They'll challenge you to reach new heights as you set bigger goals and go after what you really want, without ever settling again! There's a lot of information to sift through on the internet and most of it falls short of one thing - helping you do the inner work. 


Through my Mindset & Fulfillment coaching I'll continue to provide you with valuable and free resources. I promise these are some of the best resources for ambitious women and entrepreneurs to bring you closer to your goals and desires. I hope you find them meaningful and take time to share them with other women who need our support.

Lovisa Woodson II

Mindset & Fulfillment Coach

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It's Here! My very first playbook...


Manifest Anything You Want

With the right mindset you can have it all. I created this guide to be an endless source of motivation and continuous practice. If you've been having a hard time getting what you want out of life you may be unconsciously manifesting all the wrong things. I've spent the past few years studying and implementing manifestation techniques and the Law of Attraction into my life. This playbook is a significant piece of your roadmap to success, from adopting the mentality for success, to identifying what you want, setting your goals and taking action. Your time is now! 

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I don't know about you but I love free stuff especially when it's useful. I've learned a great deal by utilizing free tools and resources provided by those who've already been there and done that - those who make it their mission to add value and empower others with knowledge. 

As your Mindset & Fulfillment Coach my greatest accomplishment is your individual success. I know that with the right mindset and tools you will design a life you love. My free resources will keep you focused and intentional about your growth while reinforcing your learnings from my playbooks.

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Women & Money

Unique needs require a unique approach.​

Michelle Singletary guides us on a journey with  The 21-Day Financial Fast. Finance mogul Suze Orman gives advise specifically for Women & Money. ​Ellevest was built for women, by women proclaiming, the financial industry wasn't!


It's clear that women have unique financial needs requiring special attention with a focused approached. 

I've created a special hub exclusively for women to help you take control putting the power in your hands to build wealth. You'll also find additional coaching guides and other resources when you subscribe to my email list at and on my blog, GRIT + Sparkle.