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What's Your Worth? You vs. The Economy.

"There are more important things than living." - Dan Patrick, Lt. Gov, TX

I know what it's like to be broke, to feel helpless and near hopeless. I know what it feels like to deny my children of simple things like a small snack because I can only afford the essentials. It's these feelings that drive me a bit harder to reach my goals and be diligent in doing so. But there's something else that pushes me to set greater goals and strive towards the life I truly desire. A life of financial and time freedom. A life my way, on my own terms. I tirelessly work to create wealth! I exercise my mind (working on that body part, but I know it's needed to keep me going strong), I'm always reading, researching, studying and learning. I focus on maintaining mental and emotional health and clarity. I will not rest until I die.

I work so hard because I know the freedoms that wealth provides. It gives us freedom to make better decisions for ourselves and our families. In short it gives us power! We are not so harshly impacted by the choices and decisions of our political leaders when we have financial power and literacy. Too often we feel powerless and helpless because too often we have to take a back seat while the people who can't even relate to our challenges make decisions for us. Today, we see them urging us to go out into a world of uncertainty to enjoy luxuries like a day at the beach, a new haircut or mani and pedi. They say we need to open businesses back up and get things going again. I won't disagree with that. Yes, we need to get back to our lives and not feel fearful to go to the grocery store. However, we are not ready because it's not safe!

Know your life is more valuable than a dollar.

I don’t want to die, nobody wants to die, but man we’ve got to take some risks and get back in the game and get this country back up and running.” - Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (read more here)

The same leaders rushing to open up our cities are the same leaders who can afford to stay home, who have the money to pay someone to do their laundry and pick up their groceries. Some of them have movie theaters, basketball courts, and gyms in right at home so they're not missing out on much. What they're really missing out on is their money! The same money they're being stingy with and holding back from the people who need it most like independent contractors, small business owners, retail workers, those taking pay cuts, and others who are unemployed, the list goes on.

Stay Woke. Stay Home.

Don't be swayed by the people who will never know nor relate to your story, and frankly just don't care. D

on't be swayed by leaders who believe there are more important things than living [eye roll], who will also not be rushing to the beach or any other unsafe territory. Pay attention to what's really going on and being said (and being left unsaid). Until we no longer have to stand six feet apart in the market, where masks to go outdoors, and until there is toilet paper on the shelves...please stay home as much as possible. I understand you feel your livelihood is at stake but so is your life and your life is what really matters. It matters to me and I'd hope it matters to you.

The economy will bounce back. It always does.

Bills will always be there. Work will always be there. Put your life and safety first.”

The message we've been hearing over and over is that the economy is suffering and business is suffering. Well I'm here to remind you that it's not the first time and it won't be the last. The economy will be just fine, eventually. What we are not hearing enough about is how the people are suffering. And I don't just mean financially. People are suffering mentally and emotionally. I'm sure like myself and countless others you are suffering from a lack of sleep, too much sleep, or some sort of other disruption in your sleep pattern. It's totally exhausting.

For the first several weeks of quarantine I had nightmares every single night. Though they've gone away it's still very difficult to wind down at night and I'm up late and sleeping in late until it's time to roll out of bed and downstairs to work. But enough about me...listen! Bills will always be there. Work will always be there. Put your life and safety first. Are we really that eager to run back to work just to pay bills even when it means it could cost us our lives? It's reminding me of all the miserable people driving to work during rush hour to rush to the job they hate. Slow down and save a life. Well now it's time to stay home and save a life. It's that simple for most of us. Just stay home.

So what's your worth, love?

Are you going to decide for yourself or let political leaders tell you what your life is worth? As it stands today, many of them are perfectly fine with the inevitable deaths that will soon come after reopening up your city prior to gaining control of this virus outbreak. I hope you aren't fooled into believing it's safe just because others are doing it, just because the beauty salon and barber shop are open, or just because you're tired of staying home. I hope you value your life more than anyone else will because if you don't chances are you won't be around much longer. I wanted to end this on a lighter note but this is the reality we're living. Let that sink in...

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