New Beginnings: How to Embrace Life's Uncertainties in the magic of new beginnings

Uncertainty is never easy unless we learn to embrace it. What does that mean? It means learn to be okay with not knowing the outcome of life's circumstances. The more difficult the situation the more it will require of you mentally and emotionally. You will be required to surrender, adjust and adapt to change. Even as a goal digger with endless plans you must learn to adjust as you move along your path just as a sailor adjusts her sails with the wind.

What's brought you here to this point in time? You've likely prayed for growth and change. It's what we do right? Now here you are at your new beginning but you may not see it that way yet. Perhaps you're well aware it's time for something different and you've gotten here by choice. Or it could be by chance after an unforeseen life event. Instead of recognizing your new beginning you may only be focusing on an unpleasant ending of some sort. Life may have thrown you lemons and now it's time to make the most out of them, love. Whatever the reason you're here in this moment, this article will help you discover what's next. While you may not find all the answers here, I promise if you keep an open mind and embrace your circumstances you'll begin to experience a necessary shift in your thinking.

Growth and comfort do not co-exist. ~ Ginni Rometty

Growth requires change, within.

From experience, observation and listening to others I know that growth requires change. In fact, growth is change itself. You can not expect nor experience growth without changing something within you. Each level you climb and each phase you go through there will be something within you that requires change in order for you to reap the rewards. Think of people who increase their income significantly whether through their work, an inheritance or winning the lottery. Often, they end up either broke with no money (especially lotto winners) or they can have millions and still live a broke life because they didn't change their relationship habits with money. Holding on to old habits will keep you in an endless loop which can also deteriorate your self-esteem. You must change your mindset! The greater your growth the more uncomfortable you're likely to feel so get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When it comes to growth and new beginnings it's a time to see yourself and the world in new ways, with new eyes. Like many people, you may reject change even if you know it's good and necessary. I've been guilty of this myself when it comes to technological updates. I know they are meant to be improvements but who feels like figuring out something new or just something different? To hell with the learning curve! Or, try switching from an Android to an iPhone...I was almost in tears (literally) learning a new calendar which I ultimately rejected and found an app with similar functions to my Android! You can also look at all the people nearly one year into the Covid-19 pandemic who are still waiting for things to go back to the way they were. What changes are you rejecting that are keeping you from growing or keeping you in a place of discomfort?

They say if you want to make God laugh just tell him your plans.

Change causes a paradigm shift.

With a paradigm shift you can either embrace it or get stuck in the past which can lead to other problems like depression. Your paradigm shift may be changing your future in ways your are inclined to reject and refuse to accept. Your plans and dreams may feel shattered but let's try looking at the glass as half full. It's imperative to learn how to embrace what's new and what's next even if you're unsure of what that is. A good way to help you do this is by practicing gratitude. Being grateful in the present for all of your blessings and intentionally focusing on them one-by-one has a tendency to put things into perspective. Even if this doesn't leave you feeling "lucky" you do realize it's not the end of the world. It's not even the end of the road but rather a new path along the way. It's up to you how you respond to this shift. You can choose acceptance or resistance. Your responses will determine how difficult your circumst