Jump & Grow Wings On The Way

How to take more risks and conquer your fears...

It's time to stop waiting, love. It's time to live your life, girl! If you're guilty of always waiting for the perfect time, the perfect moment, for all the pieces to align perfectly you're really just waisting time. The real problem is your lack of confidence. You may be saying, "well I'm just a perfectionist" - often just a symptom of a lack of confidence in yourself or otherwise an extreme need to avoid failure. Truth be told, failure is a part of success. The more you fail at something the more you learn, grow and along the way you figure out what works, eventually. In this article I'm hoping to shift your paradigm when it comes to the moves you make (or lack thereof). I want to bring your attention to what's holding you back and try to help you push pass it. No more waiting for tomorrow. It's time for you to take a leap. Jump and grow wings on the way!

I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won't work. ~ Thomas A. Edison

The first decision is the hardest to make.

I wasn't always this confident. In fact, several years ago my brother, Russell had to tell me to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and "just do it." I will never forget because his words caused a shift in my conscious thoughts and I began challenging myself to do more of what mattered. It caused me to step out of my comfort zone, stop being afraid of failure and take more risks - against my Capricornian nature. What really matters is this new way of thinking drove me to be more results-driven. From that day, every endeavor I take on I just go for it! I jump right in regardless of how I may feel on the inside. I'm able to do this because I understand one thing; when we make a decision it determines our actions and things begin to unfold.

One decision leads to another and before you know it you're figuring it all out. This was my thinking when I quite my job July of 2020! I kept hearing God say "move!" But I was scared so I rationalized staying. After all, what nearly 40, single mother of 2 just quits her job? Me, that's who. I knew that whatever was next for me wouldn't happen as long as I was still holding on to a job that no longer served my greater good. I felt as if I was being disobedient to God by staying. One Monday I went home and began writing my resignation letter effective Thursday that same week. To hell with a 2-weeks notice! But I never gave it to my employer because I felt crazier than I felt ready. Then something unexpected happened. When I arrived to work on Thursday the power was off. This upset me because I had my dreams to work on and could've stayed home to do so. Instead I was stuck in the dark in the heat of the summer with no air, no computer or system to work on, no productivity and no tolerance for a coworker who snarled at me for giving her constructive feedback during a team discussion. And that's all it took!!

Fast forward to maybe an hour later I was clearing out my desk and letting my employer know I was taking the rest of the day because "I need[ed] to decide if I was going to stay." After being home a few hours I decided to go ahead and "fire my boss!" I went to review my resignation letter and that's when I realized "it was already written." I'd already put this very date down as my resignation day. Let me just say, I talk it 'cause I live it! You betta go 'head and manifest that $!it! This was one of those life-changing, breakthrough, pivotal moments of my life. This was precisely the change I needed but I had to learn to trust God, because Lord knows I didn't trust myself. I truly put all my trust in God on this day.

I share this testimony in hopes to encourage you to JUMP! Not just a random jump, I'm not saying go and be reckless. I'm saying, when you have that gut feeling, when you hear God's voice, when you know-know, you must move your feet. Trust in God because he will see you through. I'm prayerful you will stop waiting and procrastinating ladies. Stop planning everything in your head or going through journal after journal without taking action. It's time to get out of your own way. Make a decision to move your feet and see the results that really count - the ones you desire and have been waiting for.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. ~ Nelson Mandela

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Taking a leap is not about being fearless. It's about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Through this you become stronger and most importantly you become more confident in your abilities to do whatever it is you're working to accomplish. The best way of conquering your fear when it comes to your goals is to do whatever it is you're fearing. After, you'll realize it's never as bad as you imagined things going. For example, I know a couple of women who expressed their fear of posting videos to social media. They either felt they looked or sounded silly, lacked confidence in how they'd appear or be perceived by others on camera, and otherwise couldn't seem to muster up the courage. I used to have these same fears and I got over them by simply going live on social media. The first time was easier because I did it with and for a friend. Then I simply had something I was passionate about and new it was time to exercise my voice. When all else fails, know your WHY. Why do you do what you do, or want what you want? Why are you here? Why you? Why now? And of course, why not?