Achieve Success With A Digital Vision Board!

Updated: Feb 1

Ditch the magazines and scissors. Your guide to digital visions boards is here.

Photo: Woodson Legacy

In this article I'll share with you why you need a vision board and what makes this digital version better than the traditional cut and paste poster boards. You'll also get a step-by-step lesson on how to create your own along with links to access my custom vision board templates and resources for printing in any size you want. That's right, just because you created it digitally doesn't mean it has to stay on your computer screen! Read on for details...

Here's Why You Need A Vision Board

It's simple! If you can see it, you can achieve it. A vision board is a collage of images, words and phrases that are reflective of your dreams, goals and greatest desires in life. This purpose-driven visualization activity is proven to help increase your chances of success by keeping you focused, motivated and intentional. A vision board serves as a reminder for what you want the most, why you want it, things you find fulfilling, inspiring and make your life better. Most importantly, it reminds you of how good it will feel when you manifest the life you truly want. Whether it's a new home, new car, college degree or certification, vacation, marriage, baby, job, business, weight loss or anything else - your vision board will help bring it to fruition.

Why A Digital Vision Board?

That's simple too! A digital vision board takes the hassle out of searching through (and destroying) countless magazines to find images you probably don't even want. Why settle for images because it's what's available when you can search millions of images on the web to create the perfect vision board? Many people end up with a board that doesn't inspire them, thus it's ineffective. It has tons of white space because they either can't find the perfect magazine clippings to express themselves or they don't understand how a collage works (NO MORE WHITE SPACES)! Plus, if you're touched with a little OCD like me you prefer the impeccably neat appearance of a digital vision board with clear lines and shapes drawing your attention and making it easier to focus on your beautiful images, hence your vision. If you're still not convinced continue reading to learn about all the benefits of a digital vision board.

A Little Backstory Sparkling With Success

I've been invited to several vision board parties but the thought of me scrambling through magazines only to find uninspiring images was daunting for me. So needless to say I've never attended one. Instead, I found a way to create beautiful, inspiring and neat collages expressive of my personal style and desires. My first vision board was completed in 2018 with hopes of a spectacular 2019. I was pleased with my success as this sparked a ripple effect and as events began to unfold my vision expanded, my desires became greater and so did my level of success. Many of the things on my first vision board have changed but that's the beauty of this exercise. It helps you focus and learn more about yourself. It helps you grow exponentially when done with great intention.

Fast forward to 2020, I've achieved more success this year than any year prior. This has truly been the best year of my life! I've accomplished many things on my vision board and also things that I hadn't imagined. I envisioned making more charitable contributions and working with particular charities. Not only did I increase my charitable giving and civic engagement but I also co-founded a nonprofit, TheBridgeZone US and became the Fundraising Director of My Lion's Heart (which donated dozens of brand new coats and winter accessories to a charity on my vision board). I quit my job and began working for myself full-time. I relocated and moved into a new luxury home which was #1 on my search list. I finally began investing in the stock market, and real estate with REITs. I'm also studying to become a leadership coach through one of the most coveted programs in the world. In other words, my vision board worked better than I ever imaged and I am 100% satisfied with the outcome of my 2020. For the first time, I don't feel like my year is continuing in 2021but instead I'm moving onward and upward with my most ambitious goals yet.

So...Where Do You Start?

You may have noticed I'm a fan of simplicity. Like many people, you may be wondering where to start. It's of course, simple. Start where you are, with what you have. Let your vision take on a life of its own and guide you the rest of the way. Begin wit