Lovisa Woodson II

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Hi, I'm Lovisa

The "Women & Money Coach"

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Design
a Dream Life

I provide you with the tools, training and support to help you lead and advance in your divine purpose. You'll achieve greater fulfillment, professional growth, time and financial freedom.




Women & Money Co. was established to provide ambitious, millennial women with the keys to cultivate success including confidence, discipline, persistence, and direction. 

Our story is simple. We empower young women to build better lives - the lives of their desires, one of meaning and purpose. We believe in the pursuit of happiness and that it's an inside job. We know that lasting success begins in your mind which is why all of our trainings and courses put mindset at the forefront.

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Black Girls Launch by Women & Money Co. provides affordable business and creative services for Black women across the African Diaspora.

We are proud to help our fellow Black women succeed in business and in life. It is always an honor to work with and serve you as you create your legacy. Together, we go further while continuing to break barriers and move mountains!

Through our social impact initiative, we are working to help women gain access to the education, services and resources to help them realize their dreams of building sustainable businesses.




With over 20 years in the beauty industry, I've learned that it's not just about how you look. It's about how you feel.


I wanted to do something beyond granting temporary pleasure from enhancing a woman's outer appearance with makeup or a new hairstyle. I wanted to create something captivating, that would last, even when your makeup is washed away and you're having a bad hair day. 


Photography inspires me because it empowers women (and men) to feel amazing, embody more confidence, and be inspired to live a full life. It is photography that allows me to give a gift that will last - a portrait. And a portrait is more than just a thousand words - it is a legacy.




TheBridgeZone US was established in June 2020 in response to the racially motivated murders and lack of justice served for Black men and women around the country including Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd. Expanding on other movements and bridging the gaps, TheBridgeZone US is committed to effecting permanent change by helping to provide education and resources to strengthen the socioeconomic status for members of the Black Community.


Through personal and professional development, community members will gain the knowledge, courage, confidence and hope necessary to be self-sufficient, strengthen their families, build safe communities, and sustainable businesses. Learn about our parent company TheBridgeZone (Ghana) here.



It's high time we stop waiting for a seat at the table so we built our own, The Black Table! Our organization was established in 2020 for the purpose of highlighting black business owners, promoting black-owned businesses, and helping consumers world-wide discover and support distinguished black-owned and operated brands.  

We utilize our social media outlets and website, along with the support of our strategic partners to provide a platform for increasing awareness of black-owned organizations. Our commitment to radical change and forward progression continues through our hard work, dedication and civic engagement. 

The Black Table is proud to partner with those who support our mission to be change agents for the empowerment of Black culture with an emphasis and great attention to economic advancement, and racial justice.



“Lovisa was outstanding! She provided me with exceptional customer service that made the process of purchasing life insurance go smoothly. I appreciated her dedication and commitment.”

Suzette Q.