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Welcome to my virtual home and thank you so much for stopping by! As a Mindset & Fulfillment Coach I help ambitious women and

ambitious goals. Learn habits for long-term success based on your individual needs with activities that get you desired results. 

entrepreneurs achieve greater life fulfillment, professional growth, and financial peace while manifesting their most

I design workbooks, planners and other success tools to coach women who are struggling to unlock their full potential. Like many other women, you may find it difficult to be consistent and complete tasks, acknowledge and celebrate your wins, and increase your earning potential. My coaching methods are designed to do just that. I'll help you adopt the best mindset, develop productivity habits, take small steps to win big and maximize performance. 

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Driven by Art, Passion & Purpose

I'm blessed with a multitude of natural talents including the creative arts which pulls me in many directions but is also a driving force in my life. Coupled with my child-like curiosity it's allowed me to enjoy various careers, hobbies and professions. My greatest passion is creating and bringing my visions to fruition. There's no doubt my dynamic personality and gifts will continue to open new doors and lead to more opportunities to serve others.

My purpose is simple, to live my best life so that I may teach others to do the same. Every step I take I seek opportunities to lift others up with me. 2021 will bring you more of me as I empower, coach and lead you to live a life of greater fulfillment, achievement and abundance.

I'm a West Philadelphia native and recently relocated to Towson, MD. My time is dedicated to my two sons, Logan and Lohan, my family and friends, and to impactful work including civic engagement, socioeconomic empowerment in the Black Community, and promoting the advancement of women.

XO, Lovisa Woodson II

Mindset & Fulfillment Coach


My Latest Projects

The Black Table | T-Shirt Collection

This long-awaited project is one of my absolute favorites though I don't quite feel like it's my business - it belongs to my community! I've wanted a t-shirt collection since I was 19 years old and I can't express how excited I am to finally see this dream come to fruition especially for such a meaningful cause. I've put my love and passion into creating designs I hope you'll love as much as I do. Visit theblacktable.org/shopblackowned to shop my latest designs and exclusive collections.

GRIT + Sparkle Community

As your Mindset & Fulfillment Coach I'm here to help you discover greater fulfillment as you achieve your most ambitious goals! Take advantage of the opportunities and education, and relevant content being offered in my new GRIT + Sparkle Community for #GoalDiggersOnly. Active participate is highly encouraged as it will reinforce your learnings. You are also encouraged to ask questions to gain knowledge or clarity and engage professionally and respectfully with other members. 

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hello@woodsonlegacy.com  |  215.834.1877


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